Chocolate Chicken Chicken Cake

If there's one thing that sets people apart from machines, it's creativity, right? Automation may take over certain jobs, but what happens when algorithms start to learn from our work to create their own? This episode, we speak with people using AI to generate films, poetry, music, and even recipes. And the founder of Google X, Sebastian Thrun, explains what's powering this new wave of AI. <br><br>In this episode: Ross Goodwin and Oscar Sharp of <a href="">Sunspring</a>, Janelle Shane of <a href="">AI Weirdness</a>, Drew Silverstein of <a href="">Amper</a>, <a href="">Sebastian Thrun</a> of Kittyhawk, Cristobal Valenzuela of <a href="">Runway ML</a>. Check out Magenta's AI Music tools <a href="">here</a>.